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Under cover of darkness everything is different; precious, and every table, dish and drink is sacred.  Here, a kitchen is not just a kitchen—it’s a playground for the palate, a place to indulge. Great company entices an appetite much like our hand made dishes, robust flavours and our courtesy to rich, culinary traditions.

The bar is a stage of mixology apothecary. It’s a place where glasses full of jewel-colored liquor sparkle in the dim lights, where the barmen are friendly, the drinks are flowing and the cocktails are ever changing.



Monday: 5pm - 12am
Tuesday: 5pm-12am
Wednesday: 5pm-12am
Thursday: 5pm-12am
Friday: 5pm-1am
Saturday: 5pm-1am
Sunday: 5pm - 10pm

Blind Tiger Kitchen & Bar | 725 Osborne St. | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | R3L 2C1 | (204) 691-9939