There’s a secret hidden behind the alabaster walls of South Osborne’s Blind Tiger.  Only whispered about by those in the know, what waits behind the walls is something that’s not meant to be found, but to be stumbled upon by those looking for a place of subversion and seclusion.




{Blind Tiger}


In the Prohibition era, from 1920 to 1933, Blind Tiger was a term coined to describe a covert place that sold forbidden distilled beverages. Blind Tigers - otherwise known as speakeasies - were often hidden in obscure and covert places. There were no signs, no loud noises, and no cursors, just an unassuming gathering to be found only by the bold and adventurous.

Blind Tiger is the newest enigmatic gem to open in Winnipeg, and you’ll never guess where it’s hidden – even when you’re right in front of it.


Blind Tiger Kitchen & Bar | 725 Osborne St. | Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | R3L 2C1 | (204) 691-9939